If you have recently just dropped your iPhone in water or you know someone who did, there is no reason to worry. An iPhone cost quite a bit of money, but if you stay calm and collected then you just might save your iPhone. Water damage to phones is not an unusual occurrence and it does happen to the iPhone.

The new range of devices made by Apple come with a certain element of water-resistance but no iPhone is 100% waterproof. Read this guide to understand the actions to take when you have a wet iPhone and try to implement the instructions as quick as you can.

Do not Switch it On

The fastest way to condemn an iPhone that just dropped into water is to switch the phone on. There is a likelihood that when an iPhone suffers water damage, it would be turned off. If the phone is on, then switch it off immediately. The water inside the phone could fry some of the sensitive components this destroying your device.

Take off the SIM card

Once the phone is switched off, the next thing is to take out the SIM card from the device. You can make use of a paperclip or the authentic removal clip for the device to push out the tray. Leave the tray open for now to improve the process of drying off the phone.

Wipe the surface

Make use of a soft dry cloth or tissue paper and gently wipe the surface of the phone. If the phone is on a case, then take the case off. While wiping, be careful not to exert too much pressure on the phone to avoid more damage.

Store in a dry place

The next process of saving your iPhone involves storage. Now the exterior has been properly cleaned, the next thing is to make sure water does not damage the interior of the phone. Store the device in a dry environment which would help to evaporate the water content lodged inside the iPhone. The best place to do this is to expose it to the heat of the sun. But do not expose it directly as it could cause more harm than good for your phone.

Alternatively, Use Silica Gel Packs

These gel packs have the ability to absorb water that is lodged within your iPhone without making much contact with the body of the device. Silica gel can be bought from the store.

Uncooked Rice Remedy

This is a home remedy that is rather good for drying mobile devices and this includes your iPhone. Ensure it is properly inserted into the bowl or bag of uncooked rice and leave untouched for at least 24 hours.

Blow-dry your iPhone

This is another more radical method to dry the internal components of your phone. The ideal way to do this is to use low power and gently run the dryer around your device. Only use this method where the above-mentioned solutions have not worked for your iPhone.

Disassemble the Device

This is a last ditch effort to save your phone. Take out the different components and dry them individually. When done, assemble the phone gently and switch it on.


If your iPhone does not come on, then you can visit any one of the Apple repair centers close to you to get it fixed. Follow these tips to ensure your iPhone remains safe for your use.