We are a company that has professional experience in the manufacture, wholesale shipping, and retailing of phone covers and accessories throughout many countries in the world. We manufacture a wide range of products such as screen covers, screen protectors, and a lot more.

We oversee and control a B2B network that includes wholesalers, retailers, middlemen, online and offline stores and after-market services. We are proud to announce ourselves as one of the biggest names in the manufacture of phone accessories and we offer various products in this industry to meet any demand for our clients both within and outside the United Kingdom.

We make a lot of custom phone covers and work with big players in the online casino and slots industry manufacturing their giveaways. Some of our clients include Mr. Green who is notably one of the biggest players when playing casinos online or when betting at sports online.

Since 2018, we have been provided our esteemed services to UK online casinos, by manufacturing bespoke giveaways to their numerous players. We have been praised for our unique merchandise that truly pushes the brands into the limelight.

Apart from this, we also operate through this website, a B2C online store where our consumers can get access to our products without any hassle. We are a household name in the phone accessories industry having started from retail and bulk wholesale before establishing our own manufacturing plant. We currently have the trust of thousands of customers who solely depend on us to supply their product needs.

We have improved our services to adequately meet the demands of our clients and we invest in new machinery as well as the latest technology in order to stay ahead of our competitors.

Our company provides wholesale pricing, and B2C drop-shipping services from five of our major warehouses located at different parts of the world to ensure that goods order for are delivered within the required time frame.

In our UK warehouse, we offer products straight to customers across the EU with duty-paid delivery included. We also offer a variety of dispatch locations which you can pick from for your shipping convenience.

Some of the advantages of patronizing our services include:

  • Up to 90% savings in RRP

  • Trusted by 15750+ Customers from the EU

  • Over 12000+ phone accessories

  • Incredibly quick shipping service across all locations within 1 - 6 days

  • Warehouse in the UK

  • Drop-shipping service

Ever since we started production, we have grown our clientele base by more than 2000% and this is as a result of the professional service we offer. We have a hungry attitude towards what we do and we are never satisfied until our clients are. Our pursuit for excellence gave us the courage to enter into manufacturing so as to meet the needs of our clients ourselves and not pass the buck to any other company.

Because of this, we have been able to implement the feedback we receive from our clients and customers and channel that feedback into creating better products that excite the senses.

We also create custom phone accessories for big brands such as Mercedes, Shell, EA Sports ensuring their logo and brand is seen and highlighted to a wider audience especially during corporate events. We can help you with custom gifts for your weddings, anniversaries, and other social events. All you have to do is let us know. To find out how we can help you with phone accessories please contact us here.